August 30, 2013

Last Friday of Summer...

1. Found these fabulous paisley jeans at Forever 21, and I'm in love!

2. My childhood dream came true this week! See the post for more.

3. Came across this really funny article about social media by Megan Mullally in InStyle's August issue. Definitely try to read it!

4. Drew + InStyle = Perfection

5. My boyfriend and I finally had a chance to get some beach time in before the end of the summer. It was beautiful and extremely relaxing. Much needed to say the least.

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Hope you have an awesome, safe Labor Day weekend!

xo Augenie 

August 27, 2013

A Childhood Dream

The VMA's were always something my sister and I aspired to attend one day. Watching *NSYNC and Britney Spears perform from 1999-2001 was something I knew I'd have to experience! In 2009, that day came. I was given tickets to the VMA's at Radio City Music Hall and watched as Kanye West famously interrupted Taylor Swift. No sign of Britney, *NSYNC or even Justin for that matter. 

The next 3 years the VMAs were in LA, which diminished my chances. This year, since the day I heard the VMA's would be in NY again, I reached out to every contact possible to get my hands on tickets! Then with the worst kept secret (*NSYNC's reunion) in play, there seemed to be more pressure to get those tickets! On the day of, it happened. I was going to the VMA's!! Held at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, I had to pick an outfit fast! I chose a little black lace number by H&M and Elie Tahari open toe heels. 

Sitting through a live award show, is not that fun with commercials in the mix. There are a lot of breaks and down time in between. When Justin took the stage, I enjoyed myself calmly dancing and singing. When *NSYNC came out I died. The 13 year old inside of me lost it. Screaming, jumping, singing, dancing to the point that my boyfriend did not recognize the person I had become. (This is why I never take him to NKOTB concerts with me) Performing the exact performance and I should add, my favorite performance from the 2000 VMA's was such a highlight. Like a dream come true. Made my night and I'm sure most of yours too! My favorite part was when Justin finally gave the other guys credit for making him who he is today. I was so happy that night. Then...Justin showed up at my job today. Today's lesson? He's smug, rude and not a nice person. So I will be one less person purchasing his album in September.

Now let's get to Miley. Oh Miley. I'm actually a fan. Not a go buy her album kind of fan, but I enjoy her. I honestly believe she's just trying to prove herself. To declare she's an engaged woman, not a Disney child. Dear Miley, We get it. You're not a little girl anymore. Now please stop.

I really like Bruno Mars, although I really wished he sang "If I was your man". I can't get enough of that song! I sing it on my way to work, on my way to the bus stop, on my way home. Well you get it. 

By the time Katy Perry came on the entire arena started to leave, so we did too. You never want to be that person stuck behind the crowd leaving a show, trying to get to the train. It's not fun, trust me. All in all it was a great night. One I won't soon forget. Thank You *NSYNC for making my VMA dreams come true. Hopefully next year Britney will too.

xo Augenie 

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August 17, 2013

Farewell Friend

I have always had long hair. Always. Well until that one God awful time I had a lapse in judgement and let my college roommate cut my hair. Curly hair + a bowl cut. Trust me, not a good idea. It took almost two years to fully grow back, and I promised myself I'd never cut my hair shorter than my shoulders again. 

That is until I saw Katy Perry this week. With hair like this.. 

I immediately called my stylist friend. I needed to do something different with my look. I should probably mention that I've never dyed my hair or done anything crazy. So for me, this was out of character. After about an hour of reassurance, my friend cut the hair I had vowed never to cut again. A very traumatic experience for people like me who are afraid of change. When the scissor got close, I froze. This was it. No turning back. And then snip. The sound I wasn't ready to hear. Looking down seeing my beloved hair fall to the ground, then looking in the mirror and realizing he cut shorter than I was expecting, freaked me out just a bit. I came home thinking "what have I done?" "this looks terrible" It was only then that I realized it's only hair. It grows back. AND I needed this cut. It may not seem that much different to some, but it's a huge change for me. I'm still getting used to it, but it does feel refreshing. It's light, healthy and bouncy! So here's to my hair. Farewell friend. 

xo Augenie 

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August 16, 2013

Friday, Friday..

1. A little glimpse of my apartment. Found this mug at Home Goods. Obsessed! Clearly yellow is my favorite color.

2.  Since starting my new job, I have the chance to see my friend Jessica more often. Lunch time talks are my favorite!

3. Last night we celebrated my friend Nate's going away. He's off to China to study for his MBA. I'm currently saving for a visit!

4. Cheesecake is a must, and my boyfriend knows me so well. He surprised me with a slice, after a hard day. Love him!

5. Katy Perry showed up at work with her 18 wheeler this week! Surprising us all. It was awesome!

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Hope you have an awesome weekend!

xo Augenie 

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August 9, 2013

It's Friday!

1. Loved this outfit! H&M pants, Elie Tahari shoes and Michael Kors Bag. I love summer!

2.  I do not cook, and this was the first time I used my stove. It's a big deal for me!

3. Last weekend, we celebrated my boyfriend's nephew's 1st Birthday! Spongebob themes make me very happy!

4. My dream job..We celebrated Z100's 30th Birthday!

5. Last weekend we also attended a private Capital Cities show. These guys were awesome, and super nice!

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Hope you have an awesome weekend!

xo Augenie 

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August 6, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding, Literally

Remember about 9 months ago, I talked about being asked by my best friend to be a bridesmaid? On July 13th, I watched as my best friend (Rose) married the love of her life. I stood by, hysterical crying, but none the less, stood by. Arriving at her house by 7am, we had coffee, and changed into our Bridesmaids tank tops. Then it was off to the salon, where we would get our hair and makeup done. Let me repeat that. I had someone do my makeup. That has never happened to me. I've always been completely against getting my makeup done. (Fun Fact: I did my own makeup for my senior prom) I wear little to no makeup on a daily basis, so applying foundation/cover up/eye shadow is a foreign thing to me. But for this day, I gave it a shot. I didn't hate it. My face felt a little heavy but as a first timer, it wasn't that bad. I felt like I was looking at a different person in the mirror. I couldn't stop staring at myself. Then I sat in the chair to get my hair done. With the amount of humidity on that day, I switched my hair style last minute. I couldn't trust my hair not to frizz. It never cooperates with me. So I chose an updo I saw on Eva Longoria. 

When Rose's hair and makeup was done, I was speechless. She was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen. Getting her into her wedding dress, was one moment I'll never forget. At that moment, it was real. She looked breathtaking. After the ceremony, we were off on a 45 minute drive to the reception. A beautiful room highlighted with purple accents, and huge windows. This was the kind of wedding where everyone wanted to celebrate the love. The groomsmen wore top hats and held canes, which the bridesmaids wore while dancing our way into the reception. It was a fun touch! On the tables were pamphlets that explained instead of giving everyone a wedding favor, a donation in our names was made to St. Jude Hospital. That was my favorite part. Something that screamed Rose for sure.

My Bouquet - Rose, the most beautiful bride - The amazing reception - And a little glimpse of my dress

We danced almost the whole night! All the while I still had not packed for the cruise I was going on the next morning. More on that later. After the cake was cut and the desserts were eaten, it was time to say goodbye. The night we had waited a year and a half for had come and gone, and just like that Rose was a married woman. You're always nervous when a friend gets married, because you're afraid things will change. They do, but only for the better. Fourteen years and counting, she's been by my side, and I can't wait to be by her side for the next life changing moment. 
I love you Rose. 

xo Augenie 

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Thank You June

Sorry for the delay in posts. So much has happened. June was a crazy month for me.

First, I moved into my own apartment! Besides my four year stint in college, I've never lived away from home. I've been home trying to save money and I was actually able to buy an investment property 2 years ago. (So grown up, I know) So I told myself this would be the year! And it was. A week before my trip to Cannes, I moved out. There was so much going on, between work, packing for the move, and packing/shopping for France. I didn't hire a moving company, because I'm only one person. I couldn't possibly have that much stuff right? Wrong. Either way, my dad and my boyfriend did a great/fast job at moving all my furniture, and I can't thank them enough!

Exactly 4 days later it was time to jet set off to Cannes, France! As you can imagine, it was a hectic week filled with "What am I going to pack?" "I have nothing to wear!" I ended up packing almost everything I own, making my carry on the heaviest it's ever been. On my way to the airport, I received a very important phone call. One that would change my life, but we'll get back to that later. Unfortunately, my flight wasn't direct. With a stop in Paris, I arrived early on a Saturday morning. Walked out of the airport to find the cutest French man holding a sign with my name on it. The hotel sent a taxi to pick me up! As he drove me to the hotel, we talked about life. In his best English, he explained how in his 60 yrs living in France all his life, he's never been to America. His one goal in life is to make it to Utah, to ski. You'd think he'd want to see Hollywood or New York, but Utah is good enough for him.

The next day it was off to the Cannes Lions festival. A festival held every year in the same location as the Cannes film festival. Here creative and advertising agencies gather to attend seminars and celebrate the years best ad campaigns. We attended seminars with Martha Stewart, Nick Cannon, P Diddy, Anderson Cooper and Conan O'Brien. Learned about new ad techniques and met a lot of new people. Google held 30 minute seminars at their Sandbox (a beach with wifi and smoothies). We spent each night enjoying elaborate dinners on the French Riveria or on the country side. It was beautiful and unbelievable. I had to keep reminding myself where I was. On the last day we took a tour and explored Cannes on our own. The city has so much to offer. From the views to the culture! It's definitely an experience I will never forget. I'm currently saving to go back. 

Going back to the phone call I received on the way to the airport. It was life changing to say the least. An old colleague called with an amazing job opportunity. By this time, I had put myself in a sticky situation. I was offered the 2 jobs I wanted the most. Everyone dreams of that moment, and I'm so fortunate for the opportunities. But to say it was an emotional 2 weeks, would be an understatement. I spent 2 weeks going back and forth. Getting counter offers from both including the job I had at the moment. After making what seemed to be 10 different pros and cons lists. My dream job won. I returned to the company I worked for right out of college. This time instead of being an assistant, I returned as a Project Manager. My first day was last week. Being back is bittersweet, and like coming home. In fact, my first day everyone kept saying "Welcome Home". So far, it's been great. Getting to work with people I already love. What more could you ask for? 

So Thank You June, for being so amazing.

xo Augenie 

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