March 10, 2013

Social Media Week

A couple of weeks ago, Social Media Week came to NY. I usually don't attend many of the conferences because they happen during the day, while I'm at work. This time around I was able to attend 2 in one week! The first one I was invited and RSVP'd that I would go, but I quickly forgot until the day of. Actually, up until someone reminded me an hour before the event. (Note to self: Always get dressed up during Social Media Week, Fashion Week and Upfront Week) I wasn't prepared to go to a conference and meet people with the way I was dressed! We first arrived at the Viacom (MTV) building in Times Square and met people from all aspects of the digital world. MTV Catfish's Nev Schulman and VH1 Mob Wives's Drita were on the evening's panel of reality stars. I wasn't familiar with the other two reality stars from CMT and RuPaul's Drag Race. They started the panel off with five young ladies, who were there to tell us advertisers how they interact with social media and who is their favorite celebrity/brand to follow. They were all retweeted, or received a response from their favorite celeb on some type of social media. Which was pretty cool, because I've experienced the same thing with Justin Timberlake last year and I know the feeling! 

Then it was on to the reality stars who explained how they were pretty much forced into joining social media due to their jobs. They presented their most "liked" photos on instagram and explained why it attracted so much buzz. For Nev, it was a picture of himself in a blonde wig saying "Blondes do have more fun" with the hashtag selfie. This gained a lot of buzz and traction because of the fact that millions of people take selfies of themselves daily. And he just happens to have hundreds of thousands of followers. Afterwards, I was ready to leave but not before I took a picture with Nev! My rep explained to him that I was a client which was pretty cool. I got a little bit of the star treatment. While everyone was running after him for a picture, I was taken to the green room to take what I thought would be an ordinary picture, until he grabbed my phone and took our very own #selfie. Glad I decided to attend afterall!

xo Augenie 

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