October 28, 2012

Real Girls. Real Luncheon

Every year, Seventeen Magazine  hosts a Real Girls Luncheon for clients and advertisers alike. Held on the 44th Floor of the infamous Hearst Towers, with views over looking Central Park, I was pretty excited! Lunch started with a little mingling, and a lot of business talk. I, of course noticed that every woman in the room was staring at each other to see what they were wearing and wondering why each of us was invited. Once we sat down, Editor and Chief, Ann Shoket took the stand and started off with a recap on how well the magazine has been doing against their target. Seventeen invited 4 of their Beauty Smarties to give us an inside look into a teenage girls' mind. What they like. What they don't like. What is important to them and what bothers them about advertisers. We gained some interesting insight. Most of which I agreed with. The consensus seemed to be that they didn't like advertisements on Facebook, but didn't mind them on Twitter. Funny how that works. After questions were asked, it was finally time to eat. The lunch was surprisingly good (coming from a picky eater). On each seat, there was a goodie bag waiting. Inside, we found the Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty  book which contains more hair and beauty tips then I can handle. 

Lunch is served!

Do you agree with the consensus about advertisers on Social Media? Are you a Seventeen Magazine reader? If so, who is your favorite Beauty Smartie? 

xo Augenie 

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Confessions of a Bag Lady

As a bag lady, I try to change my bag at least once a week. It rarely happens, but I try. While cleaning out my latest bag, I decided to give you a look into my everyday. 

1. Michael Kors Leather Bag

2. I'm a germaphobe, so I always carry Antibacterial Waterless Hand Sanitizer every where I go. Comes in handy! 

3. During the Fall/Winter, my hands are really dry. I make sure I always have hand cream with me. Right now, I'm using Nivea.

4. Even during the Fall, I carry my sunglasses. You never know when the sun will decide to come out!

5. Here in New York, Metro Cards are our way of paying for the trains and buses. I never leave home without mine!

6. A friend of mine who works at StyleBistro gave me this cute little pink notebook. I keep it with me to write down ideas, to do lists, or reminders. Even with the digital age we live in, I still enjoy having a physical notebook. 

7. Even though it's large and a little heavy, I love my Michael Kors wallet. Keeps everything organized and neat. 

8. As you can see, I have a little obsession with lipgloss/chapstick. I always have about 10 with me, and they range in color and brand. I keep them in this gorgeous leopard makeup bag along with blush. I like to have the basics with me during work. I never know when a last minute invite or event will come up!

9. I have a sweet tooth. So I always carry candy to satisfy my cravings. 

10. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins are a must. I could go on about how important they are, but I'm sure you all know. 

It may seem like a lot to carry every day but each product comes in very handy!
I'd love to hear what you keep in your purse. How often do you change bags?

xo Augenie 

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October 15, 2012

Sample Sale Season

October in New York is the month we wait all year for. It's Sample Sale Season. Depending on the brand, you have to either be invited, or just show up and stand on line. One time I stood on line for 3 hours waiting to get into the Prada Sample Sale, and in the end it wasn't worth it. You live and you learn. My first invitation this month came on Friday from Elie Tahari. I love his collections. They're always super fun, chic and classic. Pieces that will last forever. I was lucky enough to leave work at a decent time (this never happens) and I ran over to 5th Avenue. Getting there at 6p, I had 2 hours to shop. This, we all know is not an easy task. My first stop were the Handbags. I had to fight off a couple of women who were waiting for me to drop the bags I was holding. Then it was on to the shoes, I'm almost positive I tried on every pair they had available in my size, and decided on a pair of flats, heels, and wedges. While browsing the dresses I spotted this beautiful sea green dress. Long, flowy, with gold straps..I was in love. I have no idea where I would ever wear it but I just had to have it!  I couldn't control myself, and ended up buying 4 handbags, 2 dresses, 2 sweaters and 3 pairs of shoes. Below are 3 of the items I purchased. What do you think? Have you attended any sample sales? If so, tell me about it!

Elie Tahari Regina Tote - Elie Tahari Colleen Clutch - Elie Tahari Celina Shoe

xo Augenie 

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October 4, 2012

Best Things in the World

Sometimes you just have to unwind, slow down and really think about what life is really about. What are the things that make you happy? Why are certain people and certain things in your life? These are questions I ask myself a lot. More than I probably should. I'm a huge fan of expressing the things you love, so when I came across this post on Lauren Conrad’s blog I decided to make my own “Soul Saver”. 

Some days I forget what life is about and then I remember my Soul Saver list. What are some of the best things in your life?

xo Augenie 

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October 3, 2012

Opening Night

"Prepare to wait a while before he comes on stage" 

That's how my conversation started, when a friend invited me and a group of friends to Opening Night at the Barclay Center, in Brooklyn to see Jay Z. I can count on two hands the amount of times I've seen him, so I was prepared for a late night. To my surprise, he came on at 9:42 pm (the ticket said 7:30 pm) and was on stage for about 2 hours. I expected special guests to join him on stage. After all it was opening night. There were multiple times where my friends and I were excited for someone special to come out ie Alicia Keys, Kanye, someone! Unfortunately, we were disappointed. 

He repeatedly said "nothing feels the way tonight feels" and as I counted he cried/teared up about 4 times. At that time, I decided to take a stroll around this new arena (new home of the NETS). Usually arenas are white, bright, and difficult to navigate. This arena, was black, dark and easy to navigate. Ironic huh? Throughout the night I danced harder then I've danced in a long time. Afterwards, my friends and I went out and continued to party into the early morning hours. Some of us regretted it, and are still tired! Definitely a night for the books!

While leaving the Barclay Center, I left thinking, I can’t imagine living anywhere else besides New York. The feeling when New Yorkers come together for such a huge event is overwhelming, exciting and amazing all at once! There is no place like New York that’s for sure.

xo Augenie

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