August 6, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding, Literally

Remember about 9 months ago, I talked about being asked by my best friend to be a bridesmaid? On July 13th, I watched as my best friend (Rose) married the love of her life. I stood by, hysterical crying, but none the less, stood by. Arriving at her house by 7am, we had coffee, and changed into our Bridesmaids tank tops. Then it was off to the salon, where we would get our hair and makeup done. Let me repeat that. I had someone do my makeup. That has never happened to me. I've always been completely against getting my makeup done. (Fun Fact: I did my own makeup for my senior prom) I wear little to no makeup on a daily basis, so applying foundation/cover up/eye shadow is a foreign thing to me. But for this day, I gave it a shot. I didn't hate it. My face felt a little heavy but as a first timer, it wasn't that bad. I felt like I was looking at a different person in the mirror. I couldn't stop staring at myself. Then I sat in the chair to get my hair done. With the amount of humidity on that day, I switched my hair style last minute. I couldn't trust my hair not to frizz. It never cooperates with me. So I chose an updo I saw on Eva Longoria. 

When Rose's hair and makeup was done, I was speechless. She was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen. Getting her into her wedding dress, was one moment I'll never forget. At that moment, it was real. She looked breathtaking. After the ceremony, we were off on a 45 minute drive to the reception. A beautiful room highlighted with purple accents, and huge windows. This was the kind of wedding where everyone wanted to celebrate the love. The groomsmen wore top hats and held canes, which the bridesmaids wore while dancing our way into the reception. It was a fun touch! On the tables were pamphlets that explained instead of giving everyone a wedding favor, a donation in our names was made to St. Jude Hospital. That was my favorite part. Something that screamed Rose for sure.

My Bouquet - Rose, the most beautiful bride - The amazing reception - And a little glimpse of my dress

We danced almost the whole night! All the while I still had not packed for the cruise I was going on the next morning. More on that later. After the cake was cut and the desserts were eaten, it was time to say goodbye. The night we had waited a year and a half for had come and gone, and just like that Rose was a married woman. You're always nervous when a friend gets married, because you're afraid things will change. They do, but only for the better. Fourteen years and counting, she's been by my side, and I can't wait to be by her side for the next life changing moment. 
I love you Rose. 

xo Augenie 

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  1. Great post. Please know I would like to see the reception entrance dance. You both look stunning! I assume you're next :-)!