September 23, 2012

Fall Comfort Meets Style

Every Fall, the dreaded "What am I going to wear?" question creeps up on us. Stuck between 2 seasons, it's hard to determine what's too heavy and what's too light. This is an ongoing battle for me. My favorite Fall tradition is Apple Picking, so when we decided on a day, my problem was of course what to wear. I wanted to be comfortable and luckily, it was a beautiful day. I adore slouchy fall sweaters, and grey is always my go to Fall color. This paired with Riding boots which are a Fall must have, and happen to be surprisingly comfortable. Add an amazing shoulder bag, little accessories and tada, Comfort meets Style. Perfect for Fall activities! So tell me, what are some of your Fall Favorites?

Sweater Sonoma - Jeans Lauren Conrad - Top H&M - Watch Michael Kors - Bag Vintage  - Boots Steve Madden

xo Augenie

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September 19, 2012

Style to the People

When Stylecaster invites you to one of the last fashion week parties of the season, you do not decline. After a week of late nights at work followed by amazing events, I almost didn't attend this last party. It started with a dinner, so naturally I had to say yes. Dinner at the Maritime Hotel, followed by the after party at No. 8 (formally known as Bungalow 8). In order to get into the party, you had to have this cute little pin that said "Style to the People", which became the theme for the night. Throughout dinner we all talked about the amazing parties we've been going to. It was kind of like "Battle of the Parties" (I won) After 3 hours, we headed to the after party. With the pin you didn't have to wait in line, so we strolled in. It started off as a small crowd in a tiny place and quickly became a fire hazard. Stylecaster was nice enough to let us sit up in their VIP section, where I spent the remainder of my night. Watching below as a crowd full of bloggers, PR and media professionals tried their hardest to network while intoxicated. Every girl stopped to look at what the other was wearing. I listened to conversations as they happened around me, and they were all based on Fashion and Style. I was enjoying a moment of peace, until someone spilled their drink on me. Oh Fashion week, I will miss you so. I can't wait until February for Fall Fashion Week 2013! 

Some "Style to the People" goodies

xo Augenie

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September 18, 2012

Most Stylish New Yorkers

For as long as I can remember, Us Weekly has been an addiction of mine. As a pop culture enthusiast, I rely on my weekly dose of celebrity gossip. So when I was invited to the Us Weekly 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers party, I was ecstatic. Taking place at STK Midtown, I made sure I arrived early. After checking in, I ran to the first thing I saw. The Maybelline sponsored photo booth. Took what some might call too many pictures, then mingled with fellow media folks. The drinks were flowing, and everyone was waiting by the entrance to see who was going to walk in next. Of course, I did my research, so I knew who the 25 most stylish were. In walks 50 Cent, Ryan Lochte, Adrienne Bailon, Rachel Roy, Jay Sean and many more. Naturally everyone went running towards Ryan Lochte, but I held out and waited my turn. My friend and I mingled with some Bachelor & Bachelorette cast members. Then made our way to Henrik Lundqvist's table. Having the opportunity to have conversations with most of these people is a once in a life time chance, so we figured why waste it? I am a huge fan of Rachel Roy and just had to talk to her. I had met Adrienne Bailon a week before at the Style Awards and she was the sweetest person. Very real and down to Earth. Unfortunately, this event wasn't as much about the fashion as it was about the celebrities, but I definitely enjoyed myself. Thankfully, I remembered to carry my portable flats (courtesy of Hearst), as I ended my night in them yet again.


 xo Augenie

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September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Betsey Johnson!

Typically my Tuesday nights end with me catching up on some sleep. Not during Fashion Week! A friend and I had been invited by Paper Magazine to attend Betsey Johnson's 70th Birthday Party which would also entail a Fashion Show. Once we arrived the line was already out of order. And I mean the VIP line. It was pretty clear that here, anything goes. I witnessed some of the most outrageous outfits and realized quickly I was overdressed for the occassion. Once inside, it was a celebration with people sipping champagne and filling plastic bags of candy. The show opened with Cyndi Lauper, who I'm almost positive was, should I say, intoxicated? No one knew what she was singing until she mumbled through her infamous "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Thankfully the crowd sang for her. 

Finally the show began. Starting with the decades of style each girl that came out seemed like they were having a great time, and made the audience feel very involved. It felt like one huge party! The clothes, even if you'd never wear them were amazing. Colorful, fun, and of course very Betsey Johnson. From swimwear, to sleepwear, to prom dresses, and birthday dresses. She covered it all. Even having one of the prom dress models walk out holding a live baby pig! In the end we all sang Betsey Happy Birthday as she cartwheeled down the runway. Let's face it, it wouldn't be a Betsey Johnson show if she didn't. At 70 years old, she even did a split! We all couldn't help but dance along and soak in the experience. This party ended with me in flats and a great story to share with you. 

A model walks the runway at the Betsey Johnson spring 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Espace on September 11, 2012 in New York City.

 xo Augenie

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September 8, 2012

City of Fashion

It's Wednesday night, the start of NY Fashion Week, and I find myself sitting at the Style Network's
 2012 Style Awards with the biggest names in Fashion. Katie Holmes, Amy Adams, Carolina Herrera, and Nicole Richie, just to name a few. A room full of some of the worlds famous style icons. Is this really happening? Before we walked into the renowned Lincoln Center, my friend and I were approached by a photographer wanting to take a picture of us. It's Fashion Week, and Fashion street style blogs are all over the city asking people to take pictures, so of course we agreed. After a couple of minutes of taking pictures of our accessories, I asked where we can expect to see these pictures. To my surprise, he responds "Italian Vogue". (Wait, can you repeat that please?) Another thing to cross off my bucket list. Afterwards, walking along the red carpet, I spotted my favorite Fashion blogger. I approached her in the most non creepy way possible, and she couldn't have been a nicer human being. We decided to go to the after party together, held at the Stone Rose Lounge. We talked for hours. Literally, shutting down the party. What an amazing night! One I'm sure I'll never forget. NY Fashion Week is just beginning and I can't wait to share my experience!

xo Augenie

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