August 17, 2013

Farewell Friend

I have always had long hair. Always. Well until that one God awful time I had a lapse in judgement and let my college roommate cut my hair. Curly hair + a bowl cut. Trust me, not a good idea. It took almost two years to fully grow back, and I promised myself I'd never cut my hair shorter than my shoulders again. 

That is until I saw Katy Perry this week. With hair like this.. 

I immediately called my stylist friend. I needed to do something different with my look. I should probably mention that I've never dyed my hair or done anything crazy. So for me, this was out of character. After about an hour of reassurance, my friend cut the hair I had vowed never to cut again. A very traumatic experience for people like me who are afraid of change. When the scissor got close, I froze. This was it. No turning back. And then snip. The sound I wasn't ready to hear. Looking down seeing my beloved hair fall to the ground, then looking in the mirror and realizing he cut shorter than I was expecting, freaked me out just a bit. I came home thinking "what have I done?" "this looks terrible" It was only then that I realized it's only hair. It grows back. AND I needed this cut. It may not seem that much different to some, but it's a huge change for me. I'm still getting used to it, but it does feel refreshing. It's light, healthy and bouncy! So here's to my hair. Farewell friend. 

xo Augenie 

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1 comment:

  1. I like the trashy short cut (in a good way) on Katy... maybe you can try that next!