October 6, 2013

New Places, New Faces

It's been 2 weeks since I've started the new job and I'm happy to report so far so great! There's so much to learn but I'm so excited, because I know this is it. This is where I'll be working for a long time hopefully. Two weeks in and I feel like a child beginning to learn. Soaking in everything I hear. It's been pretty awesome. I've already been on two work related trips in 2 weeks! First, was to Miami, where I used to live, so it didn't feel like a change. The next week I was off to California. Unfortunately, as much as I've always wanted to go to LA, I've never been as an adult. With a layover in LA, on the way to Santa Barbara, I took in all the sights, and more. It was slightly emotional for me. Just by looking from the sky above, I know LA is a place I need to experience/live in one day (Hey, I'm still young). Then it was off the Santa Barbara. The views were unbelievable. I kept saying "Wow". The amount of beauty, is exactly what you expect from California. 

The view from the plane, AND my first time to In-N-Out. It lived up to all the hype. 

The company I'm currently working for is HUGE. There are so many people! In the past 2 weeks, I've met so many new people. New faces, and new names. Trying to memorize who everyone is and what they do is going to be a challenge. The best part? Every single person is nice, and welcoming! It's been a great experience so far...and I'm hoping this feeling never goes away. It's kind of like second nature, and that's a wonderful feeling. This work trip left me with the itch to move visit California again sooner rather than later. 

Before I go, can we please talk about my new layout? I love it! Marqui over asimplyclarke.com did an awesome job with the design. What do you guys think?