August 27, 2013

A Childhood Dream

The VMA's were always something my sister and I aspired to attend one day. Watching *NSYNC and Britney Spears perform from 1999-2001 was something I knew I'd have to experience! In 2009, that day came. I was given tickets to the VMA's at Radio City Music Hall and watched as Kanye West famously interrupted Taylor Swift. No sign of Britney, *NSYNC or even Justin for that matter. 

The next 3 years the VMAs were in LA, which diminished my chances. This year, since the day I heard the VMA's would be in NY again, I reached out to every contact possible to get my hands on tickets! Then with the worst kept secret (*NSYNC's reunion) in play, there seemed to be more pressure to get those tickets! On the day of, it happened. I was going to the VMA's!! Held at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, I had to pick an outfit fast! I chose a little black lace number by H&M and Elie Tahari open toe heels. 

Sitting through a live award show, is not that fun with commercials in the mix. There are a lot of breaks and down time in between. When Justin took the stage, I enjoyed myself calmly dancing and singing. When *NSYNC came out I died. The 13 year old inside of me lost it. Screaming, jumping, singing, dancing to the point that my boyfriend did not recognize the person I had become. (This is why I never take him to NKOTB concerts with me) Performing the exact performance and I should add, my favorite performance from the 2000 VMA's was such a highlight. Like a dream come true. Made my night and I'm sure most of yours too! My favorite part was when Justin finally gave the other guys credit for making him who he is today. I was so happy that night. Then...Justin showed up at my job today. Today's lesson? He's smug, rude and not a nice person. So I will be one less person purchasing his album in September.

Now let's get to Miley. Oh Miley. I'm actually a fan. Not a go buy her album kind of fan, but I enjoy her. I honestly believe she's just trying to prove herself. To declare she's an engaged woman, not a Disney child. Dear Miley, We get it. You're not a little girl anymore. Now please stop.

I really like Bruno Mars, although I really wished he sang "If I was your man". I can't get enough of that song! I sing it on my way to work, on my way to the bus stop, on my way home. Well you get it. 

By the time Katy Perry came on the entire arena started to leave, so we did too. You never want to be that person stuck behind the crowd leaving a show, trying to get to the train. It's not fun, trust me. All in all it was a great night. One I won't soon forget. Thank You *NSYNC for making my VMA dreams come true. Hopefully next year Britney will too.

xo Augenie 

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