October 28, 2012

Confessions of a Bag Lady

As a bag lady, I try to change my bag at least once a week. It rarely happens, but I try. While cleaning out my latest bag, I decided to give you a look into my everyday. 

1. Michael Kors Leather Bag

2. I'm a germaphobe, so I always carry Antibacterial Waterless Hand Sanitizer every where I go. Comes in handy! 

3. During the Fall/Winter, my hands are really dry. I make sure I always have hand cream with me. Right now, I'm using Nivea.

4. Even during the Fall, I carry my sunglasses. You never know when the sun will decide to come out!

5. Here in New York, Metro Cards are our way of paying for the trains and buses. I never leave home without mine!

6. A friend of mine who works at StyleBistro gave me this cute little pink notebook. I keep it with me to write down ideas, to do lists, or reminders. Even with the digital age we live in, I still enjoy having a physical notebook. 

7. Even though it's large and a little heavy, I love my Michael Kors wallet. Keeps everything organized and neat. 

8. As you can see, I have a little obsession with lipgloss/chapstick. I always have about 10 with me, and they range in color and brand. I keep them in this gorgeous leopard makeup bag along with blush. I like to have the basics with me during work. I never know when a last minute invite or event will come up!

9. I have a sweet tooth. So I always carry candy to satisfy my cravings. 

10. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins are a must. I could go on about how important they are, but I'm sure you all know. 

It may seem like a lot to carry every day but each product comes in very handy!
I'd love to hear what you keep in your purse. How often do you change bags?

xo Augenie 

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