October 28, 2012

Real Girls. Real Luncheon

Every year, Seventeen Magazine  hosts a Real Girls Luncheon for clients and advertisers alike. Held on the 44th Floor of the infamous Hearst Towers, with views over looking Central Park, I was pretty excited! Lunch started with a little mingling, and a lot of business talk. I, of course noticed that every woman in the room was staring at each other to see what they were wearing and wondering why each of us was invited. Once we sat down, Editor and Chief, Ann Shoket took the stand and started off with a recap on how well the magazine has been doing against their target. Seventeen invited 4 of their Beauty Smarties to give us an inside look into a teenage girls' mind. What they like. What they don't like. What is important to them and what bothers them about advertisers. We gained some interesting insight. Most of which I agreed with. The consensus seemed to be that they didn't like advertisements on Facebook, but didn't mind them on Twitter. Funny how that works. After questions were asked, it was finally time to eat. The lunch was surprisingly good (coming from a picky eater). On each seat, there was a goodie bag waiting. Inside, we found the Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty  book which contains more hair and beauty tips then I can handle. 

Lunch is served!

Do you agree with the consensus about advertisers on Social Media? Are you a Seventeen Magazine reader? If so, who is your favorite Beauty Smartie? 

xo Augenie 

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