October 3, 2012

Opening Night

"Prepare to wait a while before he comes on stage" 

That's how my conversation started, when a friend invited me and a group of friends to Opening Night at the Barclay Center, in Brooklyn to see Jay Z. I can count on two hands the amount of times I've seen him, so I was prepared for a late night. To my surprise, he came on at 9:42 pm (the ticket said 7:30 pm) and was on stage for about 2 hours. I expected special guests to join him on stage. After all it was opening night. There were multiple times where my friends and I were excited for someone special to come out ie Alicia Keys, Kanye, someone! Unfortunately, we were disappointed. 

He repeatedly said "nothing feels the way tonight feels" and as I counted he cried/teared up about 4 times. At that time, I decided to take a stroll around this new arena (new home of the NETS). Usually arenas are white, bright, and difficult to navigate. This arena, was black, dark and easy to navigate. Ironic huh? Throughout the night I danced harder then I've danced in a long time. Afterwards, my friends and I went out and continued to party into the early morning hours. Some of us regretted it, and are still tired! Definitely a night for the books!

While leaving the Barclay Center, I left thinking, I can’t imagine living anywhere else besides New York. The feeling when New Yorkers come together for such a huge event is overwhelming, exciting and amazing all at once! There is no place like New York that’s for sure.

xo Augenie

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