October 15, 2012

Sample Sale Season

October in New York is the month we wait all year for. It's Sample Sale Season. Depending on the brand, you have to either be invited, or just show up and stand on line. One time I stood on line for 3 hours waiting to get into the Prada Sample Sale, and in the end it wasn't worth it. You live and you learn. My first invitation this month came on Friday from Elie Tahari. I love his collections. They're always super fun, chic and classic. Pieces that will last forever. I was lucky enough to leave work at a decent time (this never happens) and I ran over to 5th Avenue. Getting there at 6p, I had 2 hours to shop. This, we all know is not an easy task. My first stop were the Handbags. I had to fight off a couple of women who were waiting for me to drop the bags I was holding. Then it was on to the shoes, I'm almost positive I tried on every pair they had available in my size, and decided on a pair of flats, heels, and wedges. While browsing the dresses I spotted this beautiful sea green dress. Long, flowy, with gold straps..I was in love. I have no idea where I would ever wear it but I just had to have it!  I couldn't control myself, and ended up buying 4 handbags, 2 dresses, 2 sweaters and 3 pairs of shoes. Below are 3 of the items I purchased. What do you think? Have you attended any sample sales? If so, tell me about it!

Elie Tahari Regina Tote - Elie Tahari Colleen Clutch - Elie Tahari Celina Shoe

xo Augenie 

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