September 17, 2013

Finally Fall

 Having this whole week off, has been relaxing to say the least. Today is the first day I've spent an entire day in my apartment. (I've lived here for 3 months). I've been thoroughly enjoying it. Windows are open, candles are burning, a fresh brewed cup of coffee in my hand, with my dog/love of my life sitting by my side. I'd say this is a pretty awesome day. I'm trying to take advantage of having this week off before starting my new job. I haven't had much time to spend soaking up having my own apartment. There's so much I want to do as far as decorating and designing, in so little time! I only have 9 months left in this apartment before I a) re-sign the lease for another year or b) buy a house. 

When I first saw my front door, my thought was "I need a wreath!" I've always had an obsession with them. Not sure why. I think it just makes a home seem homier (is that a word?) I've been shopping around looking at fall wreaths for about a month. Now that fall has finally decided to show up (where have you been?, it's almost October), it was time to get a wreath up there! The last couple of times I stopped by my favorite store, I found beautiful wreaths. One problem, they were $20-$40. I can't bring myself to spend that much on something that will either get ruined in the rain, or blown away in a storm. So I decided to take a trip to The Christmas Tree Shop. There, I found that cute little wreath below for $5.99. Does it get any better than that? This way if something happens to it, I won't feel so bad. It's also really warm and welcoming!

Then I found Mason Jars for $.89. That's 89 cents! So I bought 2, and filled it with flowers I made. I put the little pumpkin and lantern with it on my window sill. Adding an extra bit of "welcome" to those who visit. Last, I found this AMAZING lemonade scented candle at Target for $2.99 (mind blown). As you know, I love anything yellow. Add in the scent of lemonade, and I'm hooked. I currently have this candle lit, giving my apartment a freshly baked lemon pound cake scent.

Hoping I get to spend more time at home this week. In addition to spending more time shopping for my apartment. It's like an addiction. One I don't mind having.

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