September 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

Nothing beats apple picking in the fall. Driving upstate for a fun filled family day is something I look forward to every year. One day of running around, climbing trees, jumping to grab apples. I get butterflies every time. It's the memories I have of doing it for so many years. Getting to pick and eat your own apple right then and there is my favorite part. I probably ate about 8-9 apples. Add in some apple pie a la mode, a cider donut and you have a recipe for diet destruction at it's best.

Funny story here.. As I waited in line with my green ticket (as the sign says) I notice that I'm the only adult waiting to ride the pony. Yes, the pony. Listen, I've loved horses my whole life. Unfortunately, in New York, there aren't many times in ones life that you get to ride a horse/pony. So I took advantage. When it was my turn, the woman asked a little girl behind me to come up and get on the pony. I quickly realized they didn't know I was waiting to ride. So I said "Excuse me, I've been waiting" Then the "OMG, I'm so sorry" started for a good 45 seconds...As I walked up, I announced myself. "Yes, I am an adult who wants to ride the pony." In the end, I'm really glad I did it. Those 3 minutes were awesome. Hoping I get to ride an adult horse soon. Hopefully next time I won't be ignored. Happy Harvest! 
How was your weekend?

xo Augenie 

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