September 18, 2013

Apartment Style

I haven't completely finished decorating my apartment. Hence, why you haven't seen full pictures yet. But during my glorious days off, I've had a chance to make some new additions.

First, I desperately needed lamps for my bedroom. The lighting in the room is not so great, and I like things bright. Really bright. I knew I wanted crystal lamps, it was just a matter of shape and size. So on one of my weekly trips to my favorite store I found a really cute lamp. It wasn't crystal, but had a white base and a beige shade. Notice I said lamp. There was only one. So in hopes of finding the second one in another location, I took it. Then I headed to another location, only to be disappointed. If Home Goods has taught me anything, it's that when you find something you love, you buy it. Right then and there. There's no time to think about it and come back. I ended up returning that lamp, for two reasons. One, I couldn't find a second one, and two, it turns out I didn't even like the lamp that much. I was just so desperate. A few weeks later on another trip to the homeland, I found beautiful crystal lamps. It was like the clouds had parted, and angels sang "Ahhh" These were the lamps. I'm sure you're thinking "They're just lamps". But to me, they're more than that. It's a sense of accomplishment. The plus? They're 3 way lamps! This week, I also found these peonies and vase which match perfectly with my room. (Obsessed) 

On a little trip to Target this week,(this hardly ever happens) I did some major damage. Lately, I've been really into quatrefoil patterns. I have pillows, curtains and now mirrors that I'm in love with. It's so classic, and clean. Two things that are important to me when decorating my apartment. So while strolling through the aisles, I found these great quatrefoil pattern mirrors. They add a little touch of beauty to my bedroom. 
Do you like the way I hung them?

I also found this gorgeous storage "bucket". I've placed it in the corner of my living room, holding extra blankets and pillows for those cozy winter movie nights. Every time I look at it, I smile. I love great finds! I can't wait for the day where I can decorate an entire house! 

I'd love to hear about some of your great finds! Comment below, or email me at

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