September 8, 2012

City of Fashion

It's Wednesday night, the start of NY Fashion Week, and I find myself sitting at the Style Network's
 2012 Style Awards with the biggest names in Fashion. Katie Holmes, Amy Adams, Carolina Herrera, and Nicole Richie, just to name a few. A room full of some of the worlds famous style icons. Is this really happening? Before we walked into the renowned Lincoln Center, my friend and I were approached by a photographer wanting to take a picture of us. It's Fashion Week, and Fashion street style blogs are all over the city asking people to take pictures, so of course we agreed. After a couple of minutes of taking pictures of our accessories, I asked where we can expect to see these pictures. To my surprise, he responds "Italian Vogue". (Wait, can you repeat that please?) Another thing to cross off my bucket list. Afterwards, walking along the red carpet, I spotted my favorite Fashion blogger. I approached her in the most non creepy way possible, and she couldn't have been a nicer human being. We decided to go to the after party together, held at the Stone Rose Lounge. We talked for hours. Literally, shutting down the party. What an amazing night! One I'm sure I'll never forget. NY Fashion Week is just beginning and I can't wait to share my experience!

xo Augenie

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