September 19, 2012

Style to the People

When Stylecaster invites you to one of the last fashion week parties of the season, you do not decline. After a week of late nights at work followed by amazing events, I almost didn't attend this last party. It started with a dinner, so naturally I had to say yes. Dinner at the Maritime Hotel, followed by the after party at No. 8 (formally known as Bungalow 8). In order to get into the party, you had to have this cute little pin that said "Style to the People", which became the theme for the night. Throughout dinner we all talked about the amazing parties we've been going to. It was kind of like "Battle of the Parties" (I won) After 3 hours, we headed to the after party. With the pin you didn't have to wait in line, so we strolled in. It started off as a small crowd in a tiny place and quickly became a fire hazard. Stylecaster was nice enough to let us sit up in their VIP section, where I spent the remainder of my night. Watching below as a crowd full of bloggers, PR and media professionals tried their hardest to network while intoxicated. Every girl stopped to look at what the other was wearing. I listened to conversations as they happened around me, and they were all based on Fashion and Style. I was enjoying a moment of peace, until someone spilled their drink on me. Oh Fashion week, I will miss you so. I can't wait until February for Fall Fashion Week 2013! 

Some "Style to the People" goodies

xo Augenie

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  1. How cool! Super jealous of all your fashion week experiences! :)

    xo, Mal