February 12, 2014

Birthday Festivities

Okay, so I may be almost a month late on my birthday post but I have a good excuse. I promise! I traveled to Canada (if you're wondering, it was beyond freezing), Mississippi, and Dallas. Not to mention, Superbowl happened. Hope you all caught our David Beckham for H&M commercial!

Anyway, my birthday plans were low key. Let's face it I'm not 25 anymore. Dinner and a night of karaoke is perfect for me. Not only was it my birthday, but we were also celebrating two of my other friends' birthday too! I had only invited a hand full of friends, because I really didn't want anything big. A college friend (Amber) who had told me she was coming from DC for my birthday, called that morning to say she's not going to be able to make it. I won't lie, that kind of put a damper on my day. I spent the rest of the day getting pampered and ready for our night out. The night started with dinner at Mezzogiorno. Food was delicious and the company was even better! Afterwards, we headed to a bar where we met up with more friends. While talking to an estranged friend, I felt a tap on my shoulder. There, stood Amber screaming "Surprise!" I was so surprised/happy/excited that I started crying. Yes, crying. It was that kind of night. I was overly emotional. Maybe it's because of the age I was turning (no, I won't mention that number). Maybe it was because I really love my friends. Maybe it was because I have so much going on in my life that not having to think about it for one night was exciting. Or maybe it was because I realized I haven't done many of the things I wanted to do by this age. It's tough to say.

Unfortunately, I don't have any crazy stories from that night. And that's how I like it. It's nights like these that make me appreciate the people in my life, and realize that I have the greatest friends in the world. And yes, I make that face a lot when I'm happy.


  1. "Unfortunately, I don't have any crazy stories from that night. And that's how I like it." That's the same thing I said. Does that mean we're getting old?!

  2. Happy belated birthday doll!