April 29, 2013

A little trip...

My family and I really enjoy just picking a place to head to for a day and explore. I've been to Philadelphia before, but never had the time to take a double decker tour bus around the city. This time we did, and we saw more then I thought we would in one day. We hopped on and hopped off at different stops. Here's a photo recap of my "little" trip.

We started off at the Reading Market, where I had this amazing grilled cheese and Shirley Temple!

When we got off at Antique Row, we stumbled upon this great Vintage Flea Market. 
I cannot resist a flea market!

Found this ring on the first table I saw, and had to have it! 

Walking through the market, I found these letters from 1955. They're all from the same person to the same person. They have some juicy conversations and it's a piece of history that I'm looking forward to finding more about. My idea is to find the person who wrote the letters and send it back to them. 
I'll be sure to keep you all updated!

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