February 21, 2013

WhoWhatWear x BlogLovin'

Last week brought Fashion Week back to NY. I've had a lot going on, so I was only able to attend one event. Womp womp, I know. Last Tuesday night after a long dinner with Lucky Magazine, I was already feeling tired. I was invited to a WhoWhatWear and BlogLovin' party, and didn't want to miss out on meeting some of my favorite bloggers. By the time I got there, ManRepeller and BrooklynBlonde had already left. My friends and I sat in a booth and watched as bloggers met up, chatted, kissed on both cheeks, and took pictures all night long. I'm assuming those pictures made appearances on their blogs the next day. It felt very much like a community. I tried to mingle as much as I could but I was so tired. I promise next time, I'll get the full scoop!  

The best part of the night were the goodie bags that were handed to us as we walked out. Kenzo was a sponsor, so we received perfume and cologne, that my bf will be enjoying. If you follow WhoWhatWear, you know, they now have these "Love" shirts for sale on their site. They're pretty cool. I'll be sure to instagram a picture soon!

xo Augenie 

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