February 22, 2013

High Five it's Friday!

1. This week I had lunch with Seventeen Magazine at a really great place in Soho. I'm kind of obsessed with latte art, it's so pretty!

2.  Found this awesome book at H&M this week. 365 days of Fashion ads of the 20th century. There are some really great quotes that I've been living by these past couple of days!

3. This week was Social Media Week in NY and I went to a Viacom panel (post to come) and met Nev Schulman. It was an exciting moment! For me at least

4. What do you usually do on Saturday nights? Last Saturday night my girlfriends and I went to a really great yoga class in Astoria, followed by pizza and an HBO Girls marathon. It was perfect!

5. Really loving my new Calvin Klein boots right now!

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Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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xo Augenie 

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  1. How awesome! Seventeen Mag AND you met Nev! Really cool. Great pictures! Have a good weekend!

    xo, Mal
    Pastels and Mascara

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower from Lauren Conrad. Love all your photos. Love your awesome blog.
    Feel free to visit & follow me @ www.revampspunkyrena.com


    1. Thanks for stopping by! You have a new follower too! ;)