December 21, 2012

It's tea time

Only a year ago, I was off to Dallas for my friend Yesenia's wedding. It was now time to celebrate her baby shower. Crazy how time flies! Since she's living in California now, and most of her friends are on the east coast, we had a baby shower at a friend's house in Connecticut. The theme was Wonderland Tea Party! Themed parties are always fun, and we worked really hard getting everything just right. We wore hats, flowers and white gloves. We woke up early to make some really delicious finger food! I cut all the fresh flowers and placed them along the tables. Throughout the shower we played baby games, opened gifts and talked about the memories we all share. Most of us are college friends and Yesenia is the first one to be married and the first one having a baby so this day was kind of a big deal. Spending the time together really meant a lot to me because we don't get to do this as often as we like. We're busy women who live in different parts of the country, and it's really hard to find the time, so this was really special for me. I probably cried about 8 times, because moments like these remind me that we're "growing up" and things are changing. Yesenia is such a huge part of my life and a huge part of the person I've become. I don't get to tell her that enough, especially because it makes me so emotional! It's hard to find friends who touch your life in such an amazing way. I couldn't be happier for her and I can't wait to share the baby's birth with you!

xo Augenie 

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