November 2, 2012

It's Friday!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Thankfully, it's Friday!

1. Unfortunately, NY was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy this week. Many, including myself lost power, so I've been catching up on some reading which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

2.  My best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid! Loved the DIY idea she came up with. So cute! Of course, I said Yes! The wedding is next July and we just ordered the bridesmaids dresses. Once we get them altered, I will post some pictures!

3. I had a meeting with Glamour magazine last week (before Sandy) and they gave us this fab notebook.

4. I am in love with these earrings from the Anna Dello Russo with H&M collection!

5. Last week I was invited to an Us Weekly & Jersey Shore cast lunch. It turned out to be a pretty good lunch. That is until I had 15 minutes to get downtown for a meeting! If you're worried, I had a great cab driver, and arrived 4 minutes early.

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Hope you have an awesome weekend!

xo Augenie 

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  1. love those earrings! i don't know what your job is, but meetings with us weekly and glamour? amazing!

  2. Love that notebook! I am a sucker for little note pads for some odd reason haha.. Earrings are very cute! And your job sounds awesome!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Sam @

  3. 1. That notebook is FAB!
    2. I am loving those earrings!